Customer Feedback

Long after they've returned home, your guests still have a lot to say about our products - just have a read below.

Oh, and for the record, if you want some of our product for home use, just drop us a line and we'll try our best to get you sorted.

I was recently traveling in Australia, where I came across your Wallawa products.  I love the scent and was wondering if there was anywhere I could buy them.

Jessica - United States of America

Hi, just wanted to know if you can purchase the pure Ceylon tea? As per your wonderful comments on your site, we stayed in New Zealand for our holiday and fell in love with your tea! Just wanting to see if I can buy it personally and if so do you ship to Australia

Geordina - Australia

My partner fell in love with your Porters Pure Ceylon tea whilst away in Rotorua. Can i buy this anywhere?

Nicole - New Zealand

"best breakfast" we have recently had on an Air NZ flight. WOW its good. Where can we buy it please.

Brian - New Zealand

I just wanted to ask do you supply the u.k market with the Wiru indigenous products, quandong wild peach and wattle seed, if not can I buy it from you.

Steve - United Kingdom

Hi, just wondering if there is any way to buy the Natural Earth 300ml moisturizer? I fell in love with this product while staying at the Outrigger in Fiji!

Ra - New Zealand

Hi Is it possible to purchase your products - particularly the Bath and Shower Gel  - really like your products!

Emma - United Kingdom

Hi i was lucky enough to use the Natural Earth products while holidaying in Fiji, I am desperately trying to find out where i can purchase this in Australia, New Zealand online, the moisturiser is fantastic

Jackie - Australia

your KOHA SPA line is simply brilliant - is there any way that final customers (i.e. not hotel owners) can buy this product from you?

Jennyfer - Brazil

My partner used your "Natural Earth Manuka Honey Moisturiser" on one of her overseas trips and found the results amazing. We live in Brisbane and wonder how we may purchase your products for her day to day use

John - Australia