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Why Our Forest & Bird Guest Amenities Are Truly Revolutionary

Published on 27/03/2017 | By HealthPak

When your guests arrive in New Zealand, they arrive with preconceptions about what the county is like to live in and how we all live our lives.
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Why A New Wave of Kiwi Accommodation Providers Need to Tap into Kiwi Ingredients to Make the Most of NZ's Tourism Boom

Published on 13/03/2017 | By HealthPak

As we enjoy the height of New Zealand’s autumn season, latest figures show that the country is enjoying a boomtime in tourism – and that means more and more people are looking to cash in on the waves of arrivals to our shores.
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Meet the Kiwi Artist Behind Our New Designs for The Forest & Bird Guest Amenities

Published on 14/02/2017 | By HealthPak

For the past five years HealthPak has worked alongside Forest & Bird in order to help spread the message that Kiwis need to work harder to help save our special environment and the creatures that live here.
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Why HealthPak Innovations Can Help Give Your Business a Cutting Edge

Published on 19/12/2016 | By HealthPak

Because we know that even the smallest detail can make or break someone’s holiday, at HealthPak we take the greatest pleasure in finding new ways to impress your guests.
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Putting Eco at the Heart of the Guest Experience

Published on 05/12/2016 | By HealthPak

Ecostore founder Malcolm Rands talks about why sustainability is such an important part of the accommodation business.

60 Years Young: HealthPak By the Numbers

Published on 22/11/2016 | By HealthPak

60, eh! Just when most of us might be considering putting our feet up and enjoying some serious retirement downtime, HealthPak feels like it’s really hitting its straps as it forges on into its seventh decade.
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How to be Prepared for Another Hot Summer of New Zealand Tourism

Published on 10/11/2016 | By HealthPak

Hotels, motels, holiday camps and B&Bs – even the new influx of Kiwi Airbnbs – are being urged to make sure they’re ready for what’s heating up to be another busy summer in New Zealand.

Speaking Out On Sustainable Packaging

Published on 21/10/2016 | By HealthPak

In an industry dominated worldwide by some of the least environmentally aware companies, HealthPak is proud of its record of putting sustainability first when it comes to both products and packaging.