Why HealthPak Innovations Can Help Give Your Business a Cutting Edge

Published on 19/12/2016 | By HealthPak

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Because we know that even the smallest detail can make or break someone’s holiday, at HealthPak we take the greatest pleasure in finding new ways to impress your guests.

And that’s why we’re constantly on the look-out for innovative ways for hotels, motels, B&Bs, holiday parks – even Airbnb providers – to provide fresh experiences for the more than 3 million annual visitors to New Zealand together with the countless Kiwis who travel for business, holidays or to visit relatives.

One of our proudest achievements was coming up with a novel way to combine our existing technology to make teabags with our ranges bathroom guest amenities – and so the Bath Bag Infusion was born!

We know that visitors to New Zealand often like to lie back and relax after a day of sight-seeing or undertaking any of the activities for which this county is renowned – so what better way than to package up some great Kiwi ingredients into a bag of bath salts.

We’d been making teabags for years but hadn’t thought about filling them with anything other than tea leaves – let alone bath salts. But because we’ve worked alongside so many New Zealand accommodation providers for so long, we understood the importance of making a great impression and in being able to create a novel product that was customisable for specific regions, hotels, or ranges.

Our general manager sales & marketing, Jimi Kennedy-Grant, says the key ingredient for the new “bath bag” was novelty-value.

“We felt when we were talking to people that regardless of the quality of the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body balm and soap, all guests expect it – so we wanted to offer them something that wasn’t expected,” Jimi says.

“And our research shows that even if they don’t use one of our products, so long as they notice it, that product – especially one they haven’t experienced before – still impacts massively on their overall impression of where they are staying. All these little bottles have a hugely disproportionate effect on guest perception – you can stay in a stunning hotel just because you have a really bad experience with soap, suddenly it’s irrelevant that the hotel cost $100,000 per room to build.”

After coming up with a prototype in “a matter of days”, the development team swung into action to source the raw materials, work out costs and launch the new “bath bag infusion”. And it soon because apparent that because we were able to use existing technology, we were going to be able to produce something that would be affordable for all our customers.

“It’s cost-effective and it’s eye-catching,” Jimi says. “The great thing is that it is completely different and hadn’t been made before – but with a little bit of thought we figured that it was something we could manufacture with what we already have.”

Now the success of our bath bags means that they’re included across all our guest amenities ranges with ingredient combinations such as Tapa Spa’s coconut oil and passionflower to Forest & Bird’s Harakeke (flax oil) and Manuka. We can even work with you to develop a bespoke combination – for example we’ve just created a range that includes Central Canterbury Blackcurrant seed for the excellent The George in Christchurch.

If you want more information on how HealthPak can work alongside your business to develop a new bespoke combination of ingredients to use in a “bath bag” or for details on our current range of guest amenities, call us on +64 9 579 6268, email us at info@healthpak.co.nz or contact us via the website.