One Fairtrade Chocolate Drink

So not only is this a great tasting Gluten Free drinking chocolate, it's also Fairtrade, making it taste good, and leaving you feeling good about drinking it and saving the world.

Product Code: ONEDC

Quantity per carton: 300

This product is proudly made in New Zealand The ingredients in this product are certified to be Fairtrade. Meaning you can start changing the world for the better each time you use one. Made Gluten Free, because we love you!

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I love your One Fairtrade drinking chocolate where can i buy a carton or 2?

Te Owaina - New Zealand

I wonder if is that ok for can I order hot choclate packs? I would like to know how much price? For just our home not hotel or business. Last month, we at Quest - Hotel and tried drinking hot chocolate. It is really delicious ever!

Pia - China

I tried your product in a hotel in Pagosa Springs Co.  I really liked it and would like to purchase it.  Is it available to the average consumer or only hotels?

Wanna - United States of America

We recently stayed at Alpine Lodge in Kaikoura and thoroughly enjoyed the complementary drinking chocolate, we would like to be able to buy more. Is it available from a retailer and if so who and where. We live in Christchurch. Regards

Kerry - New Zealand

I would like to purchase your One Drinking Chocolate. On holiday I experienced your hot chocolate and think it is the best I have tasted! Just wondering if I can buy it at the shops or Online? I would also like to purchase your One Organic Tea as well.

Diane - New Zealand

After using some of your products I was just wondering if there were any shops in Tasmania where you can buy them.

Tracie - Australia

Hello, could you tell me if the public are able to purchase your plunger coffee and hot chocolate sachets - my goodness they are good

Anne - New Zealand

we recently had your hot chocolate in New Zealand and loved it. I am trying to buy some here in Australia. Can you advise if this is possible

Debra - Australia

As an ex NZ I love your products, but how can I get them over here on the Gold Coast? Kind regards

Mary - Australia

Hi I had your drinking chocolate while staying at a motel, loved it.

Greg - New Zealand

I have an unusual question, my wife really, really loves your hot chocolate sachets and as we don't get out to motels etc very often i was wondering if your company had a retail outlet or similar in Christchurch where we may be able to procure some of the yummy chocolate.

Nick - New Zealand

Over the past three weeks, since our son's wedding at Casa Blanca on Cherry Island, my wife and I have been touring through Buffalo, Montreal, Newport (East Vermont), Waterville, and are now in Augusta, Maine at the Senator Inn & Spa where we were thrilled to see your products being offered in every bathroom.

Des - United States of America

Hi, I've used your products while traveling in NZ and love it. Do you distribute them in Singapore? How can I buy them?

Sari - Singapore

My wife has coeliac disease and we have come across your GF drinking chocolate. She loved it.

Trevor - Australia

I went to New Zealand last year and a few hotels had your hot chocolate in the rooms. I was just wondering if your products can be bought in Australian supermarkets or online for household consumption?

Emily - Australia

Hi I have tried your hot chocolate and love it I don't normally drink hot drinks because I don't like the taste of coffee tea or other hot chocolates but your one is really do I and can I buy some for myself at home?

Sam - New Zealand

I had the pleasure of using your products while traveling in NZ and would love a price list of your products. If this is possible could you include delivery costs, alternatively do you have a supplier in Australia, preferably NSW, that I could contact. I absolutely loved your products and would love to be able to purchase some of the same for our personal use. Looking forward to your response

Vicki - Australia